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EFT/Tapping is relief at your fingertips

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CBD is helping people

Every day, someone tells me how CBD oil eases their muscle pain, puts them to sleep at night, dissolves anxiety, or eliminates migraines. I've met several United States veterans who say they take it to alleviate PTSD symptoms.

So, people are getting real help from hemp products. The people who've told me they benefit from using CBD range in age from late teens to senior citizens. Seniors, in particular, seem to be drawn to topical CBD creams and lotions they apply to specific muscle aches and pains. Some people have told me that no other ingestible has given them the relief they get from CBD oil.

Bonus: ingestible CBD oil is highly portable and available in various forms, including capsules, drops, and gummies.

CBD oil offers benefits  (Photo: Kimzy Nanney @kimzy for Unsplash) for a variety of symptoms.

The bad news about CBD

Not everybody gets relief from it, in which case it's a money drain.

At this writing, best quality CBD products are expensive. (The good news is, more farmers are growing hemp, which may lead to abundant crops and lower prices.) If you're going to try CBD, make sure to get it from a reputable dealer; for instance, a local natural foods market with a supplements manager whose mission is to supply clean products that deliver results for customers. Stay away from gas stations and fly-by-night pop-up stores set up to cash in on the CBD craze. Make sure you get what you pay for.

Another big downside is that some people still confuse CBD with marijuana. It's not marijuana. It may relieve your aches and take the edge off stress, but it will not get you high. Unfortunately, the folks at Disney who arrested an arthritic great-grandmother missed the memo on this.

EFT/Tapping can relieve stress, among other things.

EFT/Tapping: An effective alternative to CBD?

Before investing in a CBD product, why not try EFT/Tapping?

It's easy to learn, and it's always at your fingertips. I developed a passion for the method after it cured me of an intractable case of insomnia following the death of my mother. Since then, I have seen it help relieve people of stress, grief, fatigue, physical pain, barriers to athletic and scholastic performance, food cravings, and much more.

(NOTE: If you're a veteran who needs help, please check the Veterans EFT Tapping Project for information, testimonials, and a directory to practitioners qualified to specialize in veterans' issues.)

And while CBD oil may provide temporary relief of symptoms, EFT very often gets to the root of the problems that caused those symptoms in the first place. This was my experience when it helped me after the sixteen months I could not stay asleep.

To get started, you can download The Easy Peasy Guide to Tapping here. The Free Tapping Guide at EFT International is also an excellent resource. Gary Craig, who developed EFT with Roger Callahan, provides top notch training materials you can access at his website.

Rather not to go it alone? Drop me a line at terry(at) Let's set up a complimentary call to see if I can help you through one-on-one sessions.